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Written By InkFreeNews / Sports on Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NLC-logoGOSHEN – The Northern Lakes Conference has issued its recipients for the 2012-13 NLC Academic All-Conference for its eight member schools. Each school has 10 recipients spanning 20 sports and cheerleading, listed in no particular order.


Amanda Schoeffler – soccer and softball; Jadon Chupp – soccer; Laura Houman – cross country and swimming; Christopher Horner – soccer; Christina Estep – cheerleading; Jack Hinkle – tennis; Matt Kotva – tennis and baseball; Justin Ramsey – tennis; Katie Showalter – tennis; and Rachel Brown – soccer and softball.


Emily Davisson – cross country and track and field; Cody Flickinger – wrestling; Nicholas Foy – golf; Mazin Hakim – tennis; Cassie Klapp – tennis; Chirag Patel – tennis; Mallory Thomas – tennis; Paige Robison – tennis; Markese McGuise – basketball; and Nicholas Hibshman – football.


Madeline Birky – soccer; Gabriela Romo – soccer; Karina Flores – soccer; Morgan Short – cross country; Emily Vanderveer – golf; Courtney Wengard – soccer; Janeth Vela – soccer; Adam Weeden – cross country; Austin Henke – football, basketball and baseball; and Reid Zimmerman – cross country and track and field.


Mackenzie Gray – cross country and track and field; Jennifer Schrock – cross country and track and field; Madison Schrock – basketball and softball; Brittani Grove – swimming; James Grusy – football and baseball; Sarah Smith – soccer and tennis; Corinne Cominator – cross country and track and field; Haley Schrock – basketball and softball; Joseph Ganyard – soccer and basketball; and Brittney Walters – swimming.


Alexander Hochstetler – cheerleading; Madelyn Schwartz – volleyball, basketball and softball; Taylor Stutzman – soccer, basketball and track and field; Kyle Dijkstra – soccer; Brennan Angle – tennis; Katie Rhoade – softball; Spencer Culp – basketball; Ana Andriano – cheerleading; Allysa Romano – cheerleading; and Emily Hoffman – tennis.


Gabe Vervynckt – tennis and basketball; Kurt Corsbie – golf; Meagan Fisher – cross country and track and field; Aaron Robbins – football; Ella Portteus – cheerleading; Paul Large – cross country; Ike Kastner – football and basketball; Christian Wiers – football and golf; Lauren Rearick – golf and tennis; and Emily Blake – tennis.


Aaron Becker – soccer; Dylan Cousins – golf; Leeann McGuire – volleyball; Taylor Spangle – volleyball and softball; Thomas Thystrup – swimming; Anne Beer – volleyball; Andrew Busse – soccer and swimming; Emma Donahoe – cross country, swimming and track and field; Jen Slabaugh – cross country, swimming and track and field; and Jordan Edington – soccer, wrestling manager and track and field.


Rebecca Ailes – volleyball; Andrew Cox – tennis; Ashley Erba – cross country; Alek Jansen – tennis; Connor Singrey – tennis and swimming; Tim Ahlersmeyer – golf; Grant Allbritten – soccer; Sam Jensen – volleyball and track and field; Jacob Poyner – cross country and track and field; and Jo Richard – gymnastics.


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