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Written By StaceyPageOnline / Sports on Monday, June 17, 2019

Fribley Field in Warsaw saw the installation of new bleachers Saturday morning as the park continues to enjoy upgrades. (Photos by Mike Deak)

WARSAW – It’s been labeled as one of the highlights of the Kosciusko County seat, and now more people can enjoy the view.

Fribley Field, located in the heart of Warsaw, had some work done Saturday morning as an ongoing beautification process continues for the football facility. Seeing marked improvement in its 17 years of existence on East Market Street, the next step took place in the installation of new bleachers along the north side of the field.

The old set of bleachers were pulled and donated to Hire Park BMX, making way for the new bleachers, which were installed Saturday morning by over two dozen volunteers. Fribley Field, the home of Young Tigers Football, has seen several renovations over the years. Add this to the list.

“Everyone is here because they feel a need and a want, a passion for little kids,” said Carl Sowers said amidst the construction Saturday morning. “It’s a challenge to piece together funds for these projects. I went to a few people and found out we had a shot. Sometimes we didn’t have as much luck. But once people see the changes, they see where the money is going, they tend to want to be a part of it. It’s like a snowball effect. They want to be part of something good.”

Sowers has been instrumental in fundraising for Fribley Field, and this project was no different. Sowers helped oversee raising $32,000 for the bleachers, which were being installed on both the east and west sides of the street side of the park. The bleachers are the latest upgrade, joining among things a new concession stand, a memorial for Michael Goble, and a new building on the south side of the property for the Young Tigers cheerleaders to use. Virtually all of the structures and upgrades are community funded, and Sowers is proud to keep the initiatives moving.

“There are a lot of people that have a hand in this,” said Sowers, pacing next to a sign on the concession stand listing over six dozen corporate donors. “The people who come out here and help, not just today, but all year round, they make this work. They make this a place where kids can come out and have fun.”

Fribley Field, named in honor of David Fribley, was created in 2002 and later dedicated in 2004. Fribley was a fallen Marine serving in Iraq. He played football and track at Warsaw Community High School and was active in the football community in Warsaw. The Young Tigers Football program, now members of the Northern Indiana Youth Football League, play in the fall and call Fribley home.

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